Hermès petit h

DML was commissioned by Hermès to create a series of petit h pop-up 
environments to appear within its Manhattan boutiques during the holiday season.

Petit h is a unique line where the atelier’s traditional craft skills, and original creative 
thinking converge to imagine and realize exquisite original objects only showcased twice a year.

The goal of this activation is to inspire the consumers by engaging them in this 
unique world of craft and creativity.


DML designed every aspect of the experience from interactive store windows, interior architecture and digital content, including an interactive animated film.


The petit h holiday factory invites you into this playful world; 
it is about the hand and the mind, the powerful 
combination of traditional craft skills and the imagination of the artist.

The experience embodies the emotion, 
imagination and childlike joy of discovery that defines petit h.



Around the perimeter of the space, an abstraction of the traditional advent calendar presents
collections of handmade jewelry, homeware and accessories within individually lit golden apertures.
Elsewhere, textiles and prints are suspended from custom hangers on knotted leather cord.

DML partnered with architects Checkland Kindleysides to build the
Scenography at their onsite workshop in the UK.



The ornament bar is a playful customer experience 
celebrating customization and co-creation, providing an opportunity to compose 
and assemble holiday ornaments for purchase under the instruction of 
Parisiene scenic artist and petit h designer, Isabelle Leloup.



The in-store activation was launched with a VIP shopping event and dinner.

The dinner featured an immersive animated movie projected on the interior walls of the dining space, 
and was a continuation of the whimsical themes and storyline of the in-store version.

In addition to the movie, the dinner incorporated an opportunity for the diners to compose 
and assemble holiday ornaments under the instruction of petit h designer Isabelle Leloup.









Taking advantage of the Les Ailes- the online world of Hermes, we created a strategic 
digital hub where the customer journey had essential digital touch points throughout the 
petit h month-long experience.

We designed a customized invite generator, a place for consumers to partake with the 
petit h New York Holiday experience anywhere in the world, and unleash their petit h 
spirit on social media.

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